Online Admission Test Held on 31th May and 7th June 2020

Terms & Condition

Instructions for Payment of Fee
A Cheque
B) Online payment
C) Cash on counter
2. No lump sum discount benefit is available
3, GST at the rate of 18% will be levied
4. Refund Policy for Classroom Course
A) No refund of Registration and Admission fee shall be made under
any circumstances whatsoever
B) Refund after start of course- If any student of any course, leave the classes within
10 days from the date of commencement of the classes in the institute, than only the
tuition fee and examination fee paid till that will be refunded with PDC’s submitted
C) Within one month If any student leave the institute within 30 days of commencement
of classes in the institute due to whatsoever reason, than no refund of Registration fee
Admission fee Technology fee and first installment of tuition fee.
Only the PDC’s of second and third installment of tuition fee are refunded

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